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Founded 2 years ago, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!

Bridge AI is a powerful chatbot that helps pregnant women better understand the symptoms they experience during pregnancy.

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Our analysis revealed that AI techniques were used in predicting pregnancy disorders such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, along with managing and treating ectopic pregnancies. We also found that AI technologies were used to assess risk factors and safety surveillance of pregnant women

We are inspiring millions of patients and caregivers to live healthier, happier lives through our intensely personal, emotionally engaging health resources and our medically vetted content and tools.

We are empowering patients and caregivers with easy-to-access, actionable health and medical facts, insights, and applications that will help them throughout their pregnancy journey.

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Utilising Artificial Intelligence

Under the hood, Bridge AI is a complex piece of technology that leverages the latest advancements in statistical modelling and machine learning to understand patterns between symptoms, risk factors, lifestyle data (from your connected smartwatch devices, nutrition logs, etc.) and conditions that can arise during pregnancy.

The software was created to help address one question we kept hearing over and over again: “Is this symptom normal?” As researchers we were frustrated that the existing medical research didn’t fully address this question, leaving pregnant women confused and anxious. Bridge AI was designed to fix this problem. Digital health tools provide a platform for collecting research data from a large and diverse cohort of pregnant women. With this data we can definitively understand what symptoms are “normal” and provide further advice and support for pregnant women through digital channels.